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Sweatjet power rack / fitness rack, lat pull exercises and barbell training-black/blue



  • POWER STATION WITH MULTIFUNCTIONS: The Sweatjet Power Rack is designed to help you develop muscle and functional strength by enabling successful weight lifting and bodyweight training. The Power Rack allows you to increase your explosive strength and improve body function as well as mobility.
  • COMPATIBILITY: This power rack allows you to perform a variety of exercises and workouts. It is an addition to any gym at home or in the garage.
  • ALL IN ONE: The Power Rack includes a pull-up bar, dip bar & cable pulley so you can enjoy a full-body workout without having to purchase additional equipment.
  • SAFETY FIRST: The robust outer bars are securely attached to the cage with adjustable height settings. These allow you to adjust the spotters individually and perform the optimal barbell strength training. The Power Rack is also equipped with a strong chain and a height-adjustable system.


Sweatjet Power Rack / Fitness Rack, multifunctional rack for effective strength training, pull-ups, dips,lat exercises and barbell training-Black/Blue

Why wait for tomorrow? The SweatjetPowerrack is versatile and allows you to do a complete home workout in your own four walls. Whether squats, dips or effective training of back, shoulder and abdominal muscles – with this multifunctional power station, these exercises can be performed in a varied way. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, advanced or professional – the safety spotters can be flexibly adjusted so that you can use the Sweatjet training device efficiently at all load levels. Control your own fitness level and adapt your training individually to your personal needs.

ALL-in-one: The SweatjetPowerrack is designed to strengthen and train the whole body. Have you been dreaming of a well-toned body for a long time, but are missing the maximum training fun? Then your needs will be 100% satisfied with this training device. Benefit from the versatile solution with the high-quality pull-up bar.

Technical specifications:

  • Maximum extension with standard dumbbell bars and Olympic weight plates.
  • Solid steel construction provides safety and stability during exercise.
  • Modern technology enables traditional training.
  • Individual whole-body training with the pull-up bar, the dip bar and the barbell holders


Strong back – the lat pull system

If you think of a strong back, you will first think of the lat pull-down. As a true multi-talent, the SweatjetPower Rack with its modern lat pull system helps you to achieve a muscular back. Two handles (long & short) are included, which you can use to try out the wide and short handle variants on the cable pull. If these two versions are not enough for your workout, you can loosen the small snap hook in no time at all and install additional training equipment.

Traditional bench printing

With the SweatjetPower Rack you bring the origin of weight training into your home. The bench press is probably the most popular exercise in fitness sports and belongs to every chest workout. Up to 200 kg barbell & weights can be placed on the extremely stable spotters. In addition, you can flexibly adjust the height of the rack within a few seconds and lower any weight bench. Adjust the height – put the weight on it – start!

Lower cable pull

The integrated footrests for the lat and row pull provide the SweatjetPower Rack with a safe and comfortable stand during your workout. The innovative and multifunctional Power Rack is equipped with four spotters, a pull-up bar, a dip stand as well as lat pull and row extensions – individual extensions are also possible. The SweatjetPower Rack comes with height-adjustable spotters/holders and can be used with standard to official Olympic barbells weighing up to 200 kg.


Versatile pull up bars

Anyone who has always dreamed of a strong upper body will love this extra. Thanks to the versatile shape and the grip options, countless training stimuli can be set and a new fitness level can be reached. Of course, this integrated pull-up bar could not be missing from the SweatjetPower Rack and makes it a true all-rounder. Whether training for biceps, triceps or the entire upper body muscles.

Squats and stretching

Strength training without squats would probably only be half a workout. As the weight is above the shoulders and near the neck, safety is the top priority. The certified spotters provide the safety you need during your workout with heavy weights. The best workout is preparation! But stretching before the workout should not be forgotten – push the side trays to the desired height and start preventing injuries.


An upper body workout without dips is hardly imaginable! The basis for a well-trained triceps and chest muscle is created at this point. The individually adjustable dip station on the SweatjetPower Rack makes it child’s play to train your chest and triceps.


Welding – No cracks

No cracks and holes, even waves with the best welding quality ensure safety and stability during training.

Square tube – mild steel

Heavy-duty MS square tube frame construction offers strength and durability – even during many training sessions. Heavy-duty for heavy training.

Powder coating

High quality electrostatic powder coating. A standard powder coating that is highly resistant to chips and scratches.

Safety first

More important than the workout itself, is your health and safety. The SweatjetPower Rack has been approved by a multi-faceted safety inspection and developed to the highest standards.


Technical specifications


Height 220.5 cm
Wide 141.1 cm
Length 141.2 cm
Material Mild steel
Surface finish Powder coating
Weight 74.8 kg
Pull-up bar max. weight 130 kg
Dip stand max. user weight 110 kg
Weight for lat pull and rowing 110 kg
Maximum weight for spotters 200 kg



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